February 24, 2018  
  Current Campaigns  
  • This Web page provides the latest updates for the national contract, riders and supplements that cover about 3,500 Teamsters at DHL Express.

  • We Are eXPOsing XPO’s Global Greed

    XPO Logistics is a top ten global logistics and transportation company with annual revenue of $15 billion and 89,000 employees, another 10,000 workers classified as independent contractors, and thousands more working for firms that subcontract with XPO. We are the REAL workers at XPO Logistics worldwide exposing the truth about the company’s global greed, illegal wage theft, unsafe conditions, and abhorrent and vicious anti-worker, anti-union tactics. 

    This greed includes mistreating former Con-way Freight workers in the United States who are being kept in the dark about terminal closures and layoffs, and the company’s illegal refusal to bargain contracts and denying their workers’ federally protected right to organize. It also includes port, rail and last-mile drivers around the country and in Southern California fighting wage theft in excess of $200 million because they are misclassified as independent contractors and denied the right to form their union. This greed has caused numerous lawsuits and strikes.  Greed also means an unsafe workplace and mistreating its warehouse employees.

    XPO’s greed extends to Europe beginning with breaking its promise to not layoff any workers for at least 18 months. French workers and the unions have been fighting back against XPO’s disrespect, lies and attempts to slash jobs. Similar struggles are taking place in Great Britain, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, and across Europe.

    Join the worldwide struggle now! Get involved with this campaign by joining the Facebook group “XPO Exposed.”

    Together, we can eXPOse the company’s global greed and win fairness, respect and dignity for tens of thousands of XPO employees around the world!

  • This page provides the latest contract information to the 7,500 Teamsters—drivers, dockworkers and office staff—employed by ABF Freight System, Inc.

  • Workers’ pensions are being endangered by both Congress and those charged with overseeing them. The Teamsters and our members are standing united to say “No!” to cuts and “Yes!” to greater retirement security!

  • Teamsters are been standing together to protect good jobs at Sysco and US Foods. Our solidarity on many fronts helped to defeat the mega-merger of the two companies, which would have put thousands of jobs at risk. But challenges remain as both companies refine their plans. Join our campaign to ensure these foodservice giants honor their agreements with 11,500 Teamsters and help us bring more Sysco and US Foods workers into the Teamster family. LIKE our Facebook page, here.


  • The ‘Let’s Get America Working!’ campaign seeks to restore a dynamic and prosperous middle class to drive economic growth by helping to advance policy decisions that create and maintain good middle-income jobs, guarantee retirement security, expand access to the American Dream, and ensure that the benefits of the ongoing economic recovery are felt by the many, not just the few.

  • This webpage provides information on the Teamsters Union’s legislative advocacy at both the federal and state level as well as our field activity to support those policy positions and to get strong labor candidates elected to office.  Among other resources, you will find our federal legislative scorecard, formal statements of policy position and communications to Capitol Hill,  a weekly update on federal legislative happenings, an overview of bills we are tracking at the state level, and quick links to take action on priority issues.

  • This web page provides information on the ongoing effort to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Since 1994, NAFTA has devastated working families, putting corporate profits ahead of people.  What’s worse is that NAFTA has become the blueprint for all other trade agreements, from the way that it was negotiated in secret, to the bad provisions that have made their way into every agreement that has been signed since then.  Now, NAFTA is being renegotiated and we demand that it be reframed to work for workers instead of corporate interests.

  • The Teamsters have stood in solidarity with worker struggles in other countries since our founding. With economic globalization, our ability to organize increasingly depends on our ability to build alliances with workers on a global scale.
    More than ever, Teamsters are organizing and bargaining with multi-national companies. A key objective of our Global Strategies Campaign is to build strong alliances with unions around the globe who organize and bargain with common employers. Our focus is on workers in the emerging global supply chains – the infrastructure of globalization.
    Globalization creates new opportunities for international worker solidarity. We seek common cause with workers around the world to build social justice for all workers and the communities in which they live.

  • The contributions of black members to the success of the Teamsters Union are numerous, varied and as old as the union itself. This month, the Teamsters Union spotlights some of those contributions.

Union Benefits

Notary Services

Teamsters Local 542
Contact: Nicole Moreno
(619) 582-0542
(Free to Teamsters Local 542 Members and Retirees)

Home Buying
  • 20% cash back rebate of your Union Home Services REALTORS portion of commission.
  • Save hundreds more when you use Union Home Services partners.
  • Availability nationwide for union members, their children and parents.
  • Experienced REALTORS from your area who work for you.

Contacts:    Ada Abrego at 877-779-0197 ext. 141

                  Angelica Maroki at 877-779-0197 ext. 40

Health & Welfare

Teamsters Western Region &Local 177Health Care Plan (UPS)
(855) 215-2039 Monday thru Friday 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. MST to speak with a benefits representative.

Northwest Administrators

4666 Mission Gorge Place
San Diego, Ca 92120
Monday Open From11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Tuesday - Thursdays Open From 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Friday Open From 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
(626) 463-6090
(626) 463-6091

San Diego Teamsters-Employers Insurance Trust

Contact: Steve Crummy

3737 Camino Del Rio South, Suite #300
San Diego, CA 92108
(619) 849-1051

Labor Alliance Managed Trust (DMC)
1181 Quarry Lane, Suite 400  
Pleasanton, CA 94566 
(714) 651-2951

PacFed Insurance Services
Contact: Lydia Salcido
1000 North Central Avenue, Suite 400
Glendale, CA 91202 
(818) 243-0222

(Teamsters and Food Employers Security Trust Fund)
1050 Lakes Drive, Suite 120
West Covina, CA 91790
(855) 866-0942



Western Conference of Teamsters Pension Fund:
Northwest Administrators, Inc
225 South Lake Avenue, Suite 110
Pasadena, CA 91101-3000
Toll Free Numbers:

 Pension Appointments: (866) 648-6878

Claim & Estimate Inquiries: (800) 531-1489

Employer Accounting and Labor Contract Inquiries: (866) 652-1727

Pacific Coast Benefits Trust:

2323 Eastlake Avenue East
Seattle, WA 98102
(206) 726-3266


Worker's Comp.

Hiden, Rott, Oertle, LLP

Work Comp Contact:
Michael Ian Rott, Esq.

Personal Injury:
David Hiden, Esq.

San Diego Office
2635 Camino Del Rio South, Suite 306
San Diego, CA 92108
(619) 296-5884

Imperial Valley Office
2298 Merrill Center Drive,Suite 2
El Centro, CA 92243
(760) 370-5884


Tosdal, Smith, Steiner & Wax

Contact: Michael K. Wax
401 West A Street, Suite #320
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 239-7200

O'Mara & Hampton

O'Mara & Padilla

Contact: Scott A. O'Mara
2370 Fifth Avenue
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 239-9885
12770 High Bluff Drive
San Diego, CA 92130
(858) 481-5454
4049 Brockton Avenue
Riverside, CA 92501
(951) 276-3021

Western Conference of Teamsters Legal Services Trust Fund (UPS)
642 Harrison Street, Suite 306
San Francisco, CA 94107-1351
Phone: (800) 222-3024

Teamsters Joint Council 42 Legal Benefit

Group Legal Consultants, Inc

P.O. Box 3417Burbank, CA 91508

Phone: (818) 260-9327

Fax: (818) 260-9327

Toll free phone: (800) 767-7121

James Matthew Brown, APLC
Contact: James M. Brown
2044 First Avenue, Suite 200
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 238-0815



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