Advantages of the Union

The Union Advantage

As a Teamsters member, you will have the support of one of the most influential labor unions globally that work with each other to ensure:

  • Improved wages and benefits: Teamsters union members often have higher wages and better benefits than non-union workers, including higher minimum pay rates, overtime pay, and retirement plans.
  • Job security: Teamsters unions negotiate contracts that protect members from arbitrary discipline or firing. This can provide greater job stability and security.
  • Stronger representation: As a member of a Teamsters union, you will have a voice in the workplace and be able to negotiate for better working conditions and policies.
  • Access to legal support: Teamsters unions provide legal support to members who face workplace disputes or other issues, such as discrimination or harassment.
  • Solidarity with fellow workers: By joining a Teamsters union, you will be part of a larger community of workers fighting for better wages, benefits, and working conditions. This can provide a sense of solidarity and support in the workplace.

The many advantages to becoming a union member are countless. Today, Teamsters members and their families are enjoying more privileges than ever before, including education & learning opportunities and a wide range of discounted or free services.

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