United We Stand, Together We Bargain

When workers join Teamsters labor unions, they come together to use their collective bargaining power to negotiate for better wages, working conditions, and job protections. Non-union workers are often ignored, frustrated, and overworked due to holding little to no barging power.

By joining a union, workers can band together to improve their lives and the lives of their fellow workers. As the Teamsters website states:


“The more union members there are in this country, the better off everyone is. Throughout our history, when unions are strong, wages go up, health care coverage improves, and pensions are strengthened.”

We Represent Workers at the Following Companies

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Cesar Silva

(619) 405-4794

Costco Chula Vista
Costco Rahcno Del Rey
Costco Morena Blvd.

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Mike West

(619) 977-9107

Costco Southeast
Costco Santee
Costco Carmel Mountain
Costco Vista
Costco Carlsbad
Costco San Marcos
Costco San Juan Capistrano

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