Board & Staff


Your Local 542 Rank & File Executive Board

Jaime Vasquez / Principal Officer & Secretary-Treasurer

Phone:  (619) 582-0542 Ex 116

  • Teamster for 28 years
  • By way of Eco-Air (now known as Precision Air) Warehouse worker

“We are all born to serve.”

Dwayne Garrett / President

Phone:  (619) 582-0542

  • Teamster for 34  years
  • By way of CF (Consolidated Freight), then Yellow Freight F/T Commercial Driver
Mike West / Vice President

Phone:  (619) 977-9107

  • Teamster for 21 years
  • By way of US Foods Service (Vista) Class A delivery driver

“When the membership is unified and knowledgable, there’s no stopping them from making huge gains in their workplaces.”

LYNDA LINVILLE / Recording Secretary

Phone: (619) 582-0542

  • Teamster for 45 years
  • By way of Costco

Phone: (619) 582-0542

  • Teamster for 28 years
  • By way of UPS

“Without the brave few standing up, we all fall.”



Phone: (619) 582-0542

  • Teamster for 21 years
  • By way of NCTD
Ed Swank / Trustee

Phone: (619) 582-0542

  • Teamster for 25 years
  • By way of Costco

“United we stand, divided we fall.” 


Business Agents

Skilled Negotiators at the Helm

The Business Agents at Local 542 are experts in their field, with a deep understanding of the needs and challenges faced by our members. They have firsthand experience with the issues that you may be facing and are well-versed in the contract that governs your rights and protections. They are uniquely equipped to help you navigate the agreement and enforce your rights.

Shelly Allsup / Business Agent

Phone: (619) 481-2622

  • Teamster for 32 years
  • By way of UPS

“I’d rather die fighting on my feet than live surrendering on my knees”

Ruth Duarte / Business Agent – Imperial County

Phone: (760) 994-8007

  • Teamster for 14+ years

“Through our educational programs, we seek to create an environment where individuals can thrive, and lives can be rebuilt.”

Matthew Snyder / Business Agent

Phone:  (619) 961-5477

  • Teamster for 19 years
  • By way of UPS

“I strive to be the best trade unionist I can through education and representation for all Teamsters Local 542 Members.”

Flavio Grijalva- Business Agent

Phone:  (760) 352-6571



Phone:  (619) 403-8658

  • Teamster for 19 years
  • By way of UPS

“Educate & represent the membership & continue to hold the companies accountable.”

Tasha Gee- Business Agent

Phone: (619) 582-0542 Ex 106


Eric Wantland / Business Agent

Phone:  (619) 818-8092

  • Teamster for 20 years
  • By way of UPS

“My goal as a business agent is to help members enforce their contract while encouraging the membership to become more engaged in the union.”


Phone: (619) 405-4794

  • Teamster for 20 years
  • By way of Republic Services

“You’re never too old to learn something new, so learn something new every day.”

Adan Pelayo-Mark / Business AgeNT

Phone: (858) 899-5076

  • Teamster for 22 years
  • By way of UPS

“To help teamsters and non-union workers improve their working conditions and pay through empowerment and collective action.”


Phone: (619) 629-4264

  • Teamster for 10 Years
  • By way of Yellow Freight





The Role Of Business Agents


Contract Negotiations


Business Agents take an active role in contract negotiations by engaging directly with members on the job and through proposal meetings to gather their input and understand their needs and concerns. With this information, they are able to effectively represent the members’ interests during the negotiation process and secure the best possible agreement.

Enforcing The Contract


Business Agents work closely with Shop Stewards to ensure that the contract is being followed and that members’ rights are protected on the job. They are the first line of defense against any violations of the agreement by management.

Resolving Problems, Grievances, & Arbitration


When issues do arise, Business Agents are there to help members find solutions. They work to resolve problems informally and quickly, but if necessary, they also oversee the grievance and arbitration process and represent members at all hearings and meetings.


Sal Abrica / Political Coordinator/Organizer

Phone: (619) 582-0542

  • Teamster for 25 Years
  • By way of Canteen Vending (City of Industry)

“Our union’s strength is dependent on our member’s knowledge and ability to be united for the labor movement.”

Office Personnel

Tereza Diaz / Office Staff

Phone: (619) 582-0542 ex 103

  • Teamster for 16 years

“I strive to find ways to increase our involvement within the community as well as making sure our members feel seen as individuals, not just another number.”

Evelyn Fournier / Office Staff

Phone: (619) 582-0542 ex 102

  • Teamster for 21 years

“To help improve the lives of the members and their families”



Danna Hernandez/ Office Staff

Phone: (619) 582-0542

  • Teamster for 2 years




Communications Director

Chris Martinez / Communications Director

Phone:  (619) 509-5457

  • Teamster for 6 years
  • By way of volunteering with the organization

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said and what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

Shop Stewards

The Foundation of the Union

As Union-Management Liaisons, Shop Stewards are the first point of action if a work problem arises. Shop Stewards:

  • Represent union members
  • Address your concerns and problems
  • Answer questions about your contract
  • Work with management to solve problems
  • Contact your Business Agent when necessary
  • Participate in organizing non-union workers


Stewards are Trained and Ready to Help

In addition to fully understanding your contract, Stewards are trained in a variety of areas including problem/conflict resolution, communication skills, and grievance handling.

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