Why Organize

Why Unions Matter

Organized labor has been a driving force in the United States since the dawn of the industrial age. Unions are an integral part of the labor force and are a key factor in ensuring that workers have a voice in the workplace. They are essential for protecting workers from exploitation, ensuring that their rights are respected, and receiving fair wages and benefits. Unions also strengthen communities and offer educational opportunities for both workers and their families.

Unions get results

Employees work best together when it comes to solving workplace problems. They can gain security by joining a union and bargaining for benefits. As an organized force, employees are able to modify policies that need a change in favor of what works best for everyone involved.

If Employee

  • Face unfair treatment,
  • Experience low wages and poor benefits,
  • Have concerns about staffing levels, overtime, safety, or other conditions of work,


  • Can negotiate policies that ensure fairness.
  • Have a way to demand better.
  • Have a voice in making change.

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