Who We Are

Teamsters Local 542 is over 9,000 members strong, representing workers throughout San Diego and Imperial Counties, California, and Yuma, Arizona.

About Us

Our members work in various industries. We represent delivery service and warehouse employees, waste collectors, folks in maintenance and garage operations, civil servants, and many more members of other industries and sectors. They work at companies like Republic Services, Costco, Bimbo Bakeries, ABF Freight, First Transit, Palo Verde Unified School District, and UPS, to name a few.

The members of Local 542 are committed to maintaining a workplace with dignity and respect. We fight for the long-held Teamsters traditions of providing representation to members in matters related to employment in accordance with the collective bargaining agreement and fair employment standards.


Major Milestones
  • Our original charter was issued almost 100 years ago, on November 17th, 1923.
  • A revised charter was issued on January 27th, 2006, with the California Labor Federation, American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) affiliation.
  • A revised charter was issued on June 13th, 2006, with the San Diego Building and Construction Trades Council affiliation.

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