Know Your Contract, Know Your Power


How Are Contracts Made?

A Teamsters union contract is negotiated and agreed upon by the union’s bargaining team and the employer. The bargaining team is made up of union representatives and the employees covered by the contract. The team proposes contract terms, and if the employer agrees, the contract is signed and becomes legally binding.

What You’ll Find in Your Contract

Your contract language outlines the rights and responsibilities of both the union and the employer, ensuring that everyone knows their liberties and obligations. It may include provisions such as:


  • Pay rates
  • Raises
  • Health insurance
  • Paid time off
  • Pensions


  • Treatment on the job
  • Job security
  • Promotions
  • Handling workplace problems
  • Contacting a Shop Steward or Business Agent
  • Meeting with management
  • Filing a grievance
  • Handling harassment

Download Your Contract From The List Below

 Download or request a copy of your contract from your Business Agent. If you think management may have violated your rights, or have any questions or problems at work, tell your Shop Steward or call your Business Agent.