Building a Stronger Union

Salvador Abrica / Organizer

Phone: (619) 970-0025


  • Teamster for 25 years
  • By way of Canteen vending (City of Industry)

“Our union’s strength is dependent on our member’s knowledge and ability to be united for the labor movement.”

Adan Pelayo-Mark / Business Agent

Phone: (858) 899-5076


  • Teamster for 22 years
  • By way of UPS

“To help teamsters and non-union workers improve their working conditions and pay through empowerment and collective action”

The Importance of Continued Unionization

For over 100 years, the Teamsters have fought for fair wages and job security for workers through union representation. As a member of one of the world’s largest labor organizations, you benefit from our commitment to upholding the rights of workers. However, we cannot rest on our past successes. Continuing to organize new members is crucial for growth and strength.

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